Saturday, April 28, 2012


Okay, so, I suppose you all know about the whole "timeline" thing on facebook. Now, I know that some people like it and some don't, but personally, I think it's kinda stupid. I mean, why would you want to know what people are doing every second of every day? I wouldn't. because frankly, I'm just not THAT interested in people's lives. Also, If you don't like my way of thinking, just shut your mouth and stop reading, because there's no point in spam comments that just annoy me, so I'll delete them anyway. ANYWHO, I'm just watching some torchwood, stuff like that, and listening to awesome music. If you have any ideas on what I should post on GameFree, or on here, Please feel free to comment in the little box thing, and I swear I'll try to find the time to read it. Oh, before I forget, thank you everyone for reading this, even if you've just started, or have been for a while, it means alot to me. Tell your friends if you want. And now, I'll leave you with a poem, cause well, I'm Bomb like that. So now this time has had it's end, twas fun while it all lasted. And yet I feel a small hole in my heart, as if a hole had been blasted, Straight through my chest and into my soul, and I fall asleep at last. I Wake up and come here, to you,a place where my problems can't last.

Monday, January 2, 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! Thanks for reading, and continue to read for another funfilled year. YAYY WE'RE DOOMED ^w^ anyways little freaks, stay tuned, but no watching the creepy videotape in the closet. that belongs to samara ;D

Friday, September 16, 2011


Well Well, how about that. I'm still posting :D . you guys seem to be disappearing and I dunno why. well, maybe you guys have your reasons. anyway, I'm having a contest. If you have a blog, or maybe are making one, you might win. all you have to do is list 3 new games/songs you want to see, and if it gets posted, whosoever wins gets their blog posted on my archive wall. I know it's not much of a win, but hey. Also, if you need help finding anything, leave a message. once a week, I will be working on a story I'm developing and wanna get published. it's called shadowsong, and I honestly hope you enjoy it. the story is about a haunted house with two little girls. one dead, one not. they become allies to kill the evil that haunts shadowsong manor. I can't give you anymore details, however, for that will give the book away, and that, my little circus people, won't do at all. well, friends, I'm going to post the first part tonight, for I will be gone for a couple days.*ahem*

We had just moved into our new house. Everything in that house screamed huanted, but every time I told my parents, they just laughed. But I knew that it was. There would be little sounds in the night, or maybe a door slamming when it shouldn't. That was all the evidence I needed. One night, though, changed everything. One night, in 365 days, changed my entire life and will huant me for the rest of it. And I'm about to tell you every chilling detail

When we first moved in to Shadowcreek Lodge, I tried to be optimistic. I thought about how pretty the pond next to it was, and how the wild flowers smelled so nice. However, those thoughts only lasted for so long. As I imagined what the house looked like when it was brand new, instead of the paint chipping, or the shingles falling off, I heard something. A moan maybe? I listened closer, and soon enough, there it was again. A sad, almost mourning, moan. That's odd, I thought, There's nobody else around for a few miles. Maybe they got lost. I followed the sound, keeping a close eye out for anything suspicious. I entered a sunny grotto in the middle of some trees. And there, in the middle of the patch of grass, was a young lady. "Are you lost?" I asked politely. "N-No, I'm not." The girl stammered. "I've been crying because y-you took my house." The girl wailed even louder. "There, now, where are your parents? They're probably worried sick." I said in a soothing voice. Right after I said that, The girl sat rigid as a board. I looked at her closely, and realized something The way her hair shook in thebreeze, or maybe it was the way she seemed to faze out. Either way, it was chilling. "my parents are dead, thanks." She said in a cold voice. "oh, I'm so sorry." I said hurriedly. "No no, because I'm dead too, It's okay." She said offhandedly. I felt a cold wave sweep over me. "what?" I said nervously. She nodded. "Oh, and also, my name is Myla." She said when I didn't reply. "I'm only here to tell you something." Myla said. "You're in for a world of hurt if you stay in that house. I lived there, and look at me. pretty much dead to the world." she said bitterly. I nodded. I figured it would be best to take as much advice as I could get. "now, go back to your family or they'll get suspicious" She added, and then fazed out.

the end (for now)

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hello everyone, how are you? I am popping on to say, my birthday's in 3 days! yay! also, I am going to add more vids, more games, and more everything to gamefree. also, please check out It's an awesome game site, they have tons of games, and also, feel free to comment, leave a game or video name in the comments for postage on my other blog, and have fun playing games, rockin out, and keep reading my friends. ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


YAY summer, and weird random posts. also, my dog is just licking the coffee table. don't know why. he just is. *UPDATE* I also love giant blue popsicles ^w^ I originally was supposed to use this for books during homeschool. I almost never talked about books later on in my posts. if you like me, you should go to a blog called hyperbole and a half. just, promise you'll come back, ok? also, my think for making links for places is broken. Oh, I already said that. well, here's a picture that may or may not be on the top of this post. *another update* well, it's on top. weird. oh well, I get 2 points for an awesome picture. also, for cookies. BWAHAHAHA dinosaur. wow, i DON'T know what that was. *update 3* my cousin just got here. we will surely rule this half of the interwebs now >:3 well, bye, I guess

Sunday, July 17, 2011

no title

Hi everyone, Did you miss me? well, right now I'm watching tom and jerry, and It's pretty awesome. also, I am dying of heat, and I want some rain, badly. but, nice night-er, morning out, and I am having some fun this summer, and I wanna go to the mall, but for some reason can't and just hanging out. so how ya been?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hey everyone, i'm back on track, and new game up, and definitely more coming soon ;D By the way, has anyone seen my new blog? if not, just type in and you'll find it. Oh, and please comment, I will try to answer, leave me a game, maybe I'll post it, and trying to decide a new layout. any in particular you wanna see? alright guys, cya and have fun my little freaks out there :D